Essential Oils for Postpartum Care

Taking care of a newborn, especially for new mothers can be an overwhelming experience. Thus it is also very important that the mother is properly cared for during the postpartum period. Let us look at how essential oils can be used for your postpartum care as you prepare to transition to regular life again!

Postpartum Massages

All of us have at one time or another have heard about the “urut bersalin” (the Malay word for a massage after childbirth) lady who is sometimes hired by new mothers for postpartum massages.

While massages are good for mothers after delivery they are even better with ginger essential oil as it helps to relieve and release “wind” inside the stomach. It also relieves pain, stimulates blood circulation, and assuages sore muscles. Extracted from the rhizome of the ginger plant, this oil also has anti-inflammatory properties thus making it one of the best oils for a postpartum massage. Its warm spicy scent mixed with a carrier oil makes it quite suitable for topical application.

The lesser-known twin of the ginger essential oil, the lemongrass essential oil mixed with a carrier oil, is revitalizing for sore, tired and cramped muscles. With its warming properties, it acts to dispel excess fluids and stimulates blood circulation and is a great help if you suffer from fluid retention.

Stimulating Breast Milk Production 

If you are breastfeeding, you may find that sometimes your breast milk may not be enough for your baby. One of the reasons for the reduced supply could be due to stress and lack of sleep.

A great way to bring down the stress and to get a good calming and relaxing night is to use the ever-versatile lavender essential oil. Once you are relaxed it will help to release the hormone for milk production.

You can also try clary sage, fennel and rose geranium essential oils for massage in order to stimulate breast milk flow.

Rose geranium essential oil with its gentle rose scent is a mood uplifter, stabilizing emotions and stimulating healing too. It revitalizes body tissues and supports the circulatory and nervous systems while the earthy, floral-like clary sage is an overall wellness inducer. While alleviating stress, clary sage is also anti-fungal, reduces blood pressure and relieves cramping.

Fennel which smells like anise or liquorice has long been used to increase breast milk in women because of its natural estrogen-like properties and promotes healing and overall wellness.

These essential oils also promote the calmness that many new mothers need!

Overcoming Postpartum Depression & More

While having a baby is a beautiful and much-anticipated event, some women do suffer from postpartum depression or maternity blues and if not treated early, may deteriorate and require professional help.

Research published in the NCBI-PMC Journal notes that one effective way to relieve stress, anxiety and depression is relaxation, yoga, massage and aromatherapy. The study also suggested the use of lavender and Rosa damascena in aromatherapy. Lavender essential oil is one of the best and most loved essential oils in aromatherapy. Read this article to find out why.

Other essential oils to help with postpartum depression for diffusing or topical uses are frankincense, bergamot and chamomile (here’s why).

Frankincense essential oil helps to reduce stretch marks, heals wounds and prevents scarring while bergamot essential oil is an antidepressant, antiseptic, antibiotic, antispasmodic and aids digestion.

The list is indeed endless when it comes to using essential oils for your postpartum care as you prepare to transition to regular life again!


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