What Makes Soap Cart Essential Oils So Much More Affordable Compared to Other Brands?

Many questions come to mind when we think about essential oils, whether you are someone who is just being introduced to it or someone who has been using them for years.


Which is the best brand? How good is the quality? How’s the fragrance? Which is more refined and has purer properties? Is the packaging presentable and ultimately, the question that pops out every time – will I get value for money?


John Ruskin once said, “Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort” and that is what we at Soap Cart adhere to in wanting to bring affordable and quality essential oils to your doorstep.


While there is a whole range of imported brands in the market vying for your attention, most are rather expensive. Comparatively, Soap Cart’s essential oils are much more affordable than these branded ones.


As Ruskin says quality is never an accident, and that is why we make due diligence and effort to research and think of ways to add value in order that anyone who desires, would be able to buy and use a range of good quality essential oils regularly without putting a big hole in their wallets!


But how do we bring to you quality essential oils without the high costs?


Direct sourcing without the middleman

Our essential oils are sourced and imported directly from one of the finest distilleries abroad without going through any third party. This cuts off all middleman costs and you are assured of the high quality of the essential oils that finally reach us. Additionally, the essential oils are not added with additives or adulterated in any way. This is our promise to you.


Selling directly to you online
Since we are running a virtual business, our operating costs of having to have a physical shop and people to manage are at their most minimal.   We are able to fulfill any orders that are placed with us speedily. With easy accessibility online, we are also easily reachable should you need any extra information about our products.


No-frills standardized packaging

Packaging essential oils are very important to us as our bottles are fragile and breakable and oils can easily leak during shipping. Our no-frills standardized packaging helps you save – we only package what is needed and necessary hence reducing costs. With standardized bottles and packaging, your purchase is packed tightly and securely to ensure the product arrives in good condition without breakage.


Honest pricing from the day we started

From the very beginning, we already knew you, like us, enjoyed using essential oils for soap-making or aromatherapy. We adopted an honest and open pricing structure so that our products can be affordably bought and used by anyone. This has been our philosophy from the day we started. However, this low pricing structure means that we are unable to give deep discounts, unlike other brands as our products are already inexpensive to begin with!


At Soap Cart, we believe that good quality products can be made affordable. We value the support that customers have given to us over the years and we do so by maintaining affordable prices so that everyone can benefit from using essential oils.


Our reward is knowing that we are bringing joy to you when you open that bottle of Soap Cart essential oil and have that first whiff of lavender, peppermint, frankincense, or rosemary that refreshes you completely!


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