8 Tips to Stay Healthy During Movement Control Period

Our Malaysia federal government had implemented the movement control order (MCO) starting from 18th March 2020, and as of today, it had been further extended until 14th April 2020. So while we are practising social distancing and limiting our movement, here are 8 tips to stay healthy during movement control period.


1. Stay at home

Yes, it’s a no brainer but we cannot stress this enough. It is utmost important to stay at home. There’s lots of activities that you can do at home actually to pass your time, either by yourself or with your family members. You can even take up a new hobby!


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2. Practice good hand washing with soap and water

Whenever at home, always wash your hands with water and soap instead of using the sanitizer. There had been cases of fire/burned accidents at home reported when one tries to ignite fire after using alcohol-based sanitizer, thus the advice of washing your hand after using alcohol-based sanitizer. Now it is already proven that good hand washing with soap is far more effective at removing germs, bacteria and viruses compared to sanitizer. Then wouldn’t it be better to just wash your hand with soap and water directly, rather than using sanitizer and then rinse it off again. Use the sanitizer only when you are out.


3. Shop online or call for delivery

To minimize the need of going out since we’re supposed to stay at home, buy your essential needs online or call for delivery. Due to the MCO, lots of essential traders started to provide delivery service locally as well. Just search or ask around in your social media community, there’s plenty of contacts and links available. You can even get the contact number from your neighbourhood hawkers/traders and ask them to deliver it for you if they provide such services. Opt for contactless delivery service whenever possible. Also, remember to sanitize your package after you have received it.


4. Avoid touching surface/things that others might have touched before

Should you need to go out, avoid touching surfaces or things that others might have touched before. For example, you can use a clean tissue and wrap around your finger before pressing the button on the elevator, and then discard the tissue in a proper bin. Or you can bring along hand sanitizer and use it to disinfect your hand whenever you touch other surfaces, handling cash etc.


5. Wear gloves, masks and goggles

One of the best ways to protect yourself and others, is to wear gloves, masks and goggles when going out. This will protect you from touching contaminated surfaces and protects your eyes and face from droplets in the air. Upon reaching home, discard the gloves and masks before entering your house. Meanwhile, disinfect your goggles with sanitizer or soap with warm water.




6. Stock up on Vitamin-C

To boost your immune system and stay healthy, stock up some vitamin-C and take it daily. You can also improve your diet and stock up some fresh fruits that are high in vitamin-C such as orange, apples, lemon etc. This is also one way to help our medical frontliner as staying healthy at home reduces the chance of getting sick, and reduces the need of going out to seek medical help.


7. Manage your stress

Many people experience stress during these periods. Not able to go out and socialise, managing kids, worrying about financial issues etc. Prolonged stress can have harmful physical and psychological consequences. It is important to manage and reduce your stress for good physical and mental health. To stay healthy, some of the things that you can do to manage your stress include doing some exercises at home (there’s lots of online videos nowadays teaching you how to do so!), get a good sleep, hydrate yourself, spend quality time with your family and stay away from sad and depressing news especially from the social media. Stay connected with your friends by calling or texting them.


EO Inhalation


8. Diffuse some essential oils

Essential oils when diffused can help to purify and freshen the air of your home thus providing support for people with respiratory problems. Essential oils like tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint can also be used to boost your immune system and promote better health. To manage stress and uplift your mood, you can also diffuse oils like lavender, neroli, ylang-ylang , clary sage, orange or bergamot.



The above tips can help you stay healthy by maintaining and manage your physical and mental health. These tips not only applicable during the movement control period, but any other days as well. Do feel free to contact us if you have any other tips that you wanted to share. On another note, stay at home, stay safe and take care!

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