Making Your Own Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant Spray

Due to the current outbreak of the new strain of Coronavirus, now known as Covid-19, the sales of hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray had been skyrocketing. Even to the point of it being out of stock in many stores and pharmacies. Because of this, we would like to share some simple recipes that you can easily make at home to disinfect your hands and your house. There are 2 blends of essential oils that we find to be effective disinfectant and are safe to use around your household. 


Essential Oil Blend A



Air Spray

In a 125ml spray bottle, combine 75 drops of Essential Oil Blend A and 1tsp (5ml) of alcohol or vodka. Be sure to add the essential oil blends into the bottle first then only followed by alcohol/vodka as this will help the oils to disperse in the water later on. Finally, fill the bottle with distilled or filtered water. Shake well to disperse the oil before use.


Hand Sanitizer

In a 60ml bottle with flip-cap, combine 20ml of aloe vera gel, 30ml of isopropyl alcohol/ethanol and 40 drops of Essential Oil Blend A. Shake well to combine. 

Take note that in order for the hand sanitizer to be effective, it must contain a minimum of 60% alcohol. Also, do not use fresh aloe vera gel as it will promote the growth of bacteria. Instead, use the store-bought aloe vera gel as these are shelf/storage stable. Use a small amount to clean your hand whenever needed, especially after handling money, shaking hands, etc.


Essential Oil Blend B



Cleaning Spray

In 250ml spray bottle, combine 15ml of Castile liquid soap, 15ml of white vinegar and 80 drops of Essential Oil Blend B. Gently shake to mix, and finally fill the bottle with distilled or filtered water. Shake well to disperse the oil before use.

You can use this spray to clean your kitchen counters, doors, handles, shelves, etc.




While the above essential oil blends are recommended based on their antibacterial and antiviral properties (plus their wonderful scent), it is always better to check for any contraindications based on your existing health and body conditions by consulting certified health practitioners in aromatherapy especially when you have never used these essential oils before. 

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