The Joy of Motherhood With Essential Oils By Your Side

Motherhood is such an amazing time of your life, from the moment you know that a new life is growing inside of you to the moment you come face-to-face with your precious one and hold him/her in your hands.

What happens in between can be a bumpy (pun intended) ride for some, from morning sickness, heaviness of the body, to the emotional upheaval and then to the serene peace and joy. Of course, once your baby is safely delivered, there are the sleepless nights, feedings and everything that comes with the title of mother or nurturer!

Overcoming the Discomfort of Edema

One thing which some mothers-to-be experience is edema which is the swelling of the ankle, feet and legs during their 22 to 27 weeks of pregnancy and that can be very uncomfortable and makes one off-balance.

Doctors will suggest resting your legs more and avoiding long periods of standing, drinking plenty of water, having a balanced diet, etc.  A little tip that we found from an article written in Baby Centre (approved by BabyCenter Australia Medical Advisory Board) is that aromatherapy will help relieve the swelling and is good for circulation.

Lavender essential oil and chamomile essential oil can be used to ease the swollen ankles and feet and make you feel more relaxed. Add no more than four drops of essential oil to a teaspoon (5ml) of Castile liquid soap, and then add this mixture to your bathwater in the bathtub. Relax and have a soak for around 15 to 20 minutes.

This is much better than soaking your feet in a basin of water because your legs can be horizontal in a bathtub. You can even prop them up on the edge of the bathtub and let gravity help reduce the swelling.

Adding on the Love Massage

Get the love of your life to massage your feet tenderly and gently using a drop or two of lavender or chamomile essential oil with a base oil of apricot or almond working upwards from your feet to your knees to help ease the discomfort.

Managing your Pregnancy

Mothers-to-be experience different changes in their bodies and emotions during pregnancies such as headaches, nausea, nasal congestion, difficulties in sleeping and muscle aches and cramps. Some women have experienced that using different types of essential oils, like peppermint, lavender and rose, greatly helped them to manage and overcome their pregnancy problems. Lavender and rose essential oils are reputed to offer a relaxing sensation to mothers-to-be who are anxious during labour.

Another tip that new mothers can use is to spray a mixture of lavender essential oil and water on the pillow to promote restful sleep. This technique might be especially helpful for postpartum mothers.

Preparing for Motherhood The Natural Way

Discover our essential oil selections while you prepare for your journey as a new mother. Essential oils have the ability to ameliorate any pregnancy discomfort and allow you and your spouse to enjoy the journey of waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive!

When you are prepared and relaxed, you can overcome anything and this includes childbirth and mothering. Essential oils whether diffused or applied topically via massages or baths can be your source of relaxation and restoration and they’re just as useful even after your baby is born!

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