Moringa Oil: 3 Essential Benefits For The Skin

Moringa Oil needs no introduction by now. Known as “The Miracle Tree Oil” or “Drumstick Tree Oil,” it is being sought after worldwide for its nutritional value and industrial uses.

But for today, we’ll be focusing on the wonders and miracles it does for our skin. And yes, it’s versatile in a way that it can be used on all types of skin!

Here are 3 ways it can help:

Moringa Oil For The Blog

Healthy Hydrating Properties

An important factor to healthier skin is hydration. In particular, Moringa oil’s hydrating properties are mostly due to Oleic Acid – a fatty acid that is commonly found in plant and vegetable oils. Research published in 2016 reveals that Moringa oil consists of more than 70% Oleic Acid. This Oleic Acid has the ability to retain the moisture and hydration within the skin, sort of an emollient (meaning: a barrier to seal moisture).

The same research also reveals that Moringa Oil contains another fatty acid known as Benehic acid. This Benehic acid is favourably soluble against the skin surface,  which helps to keep it from feeling oily on the skin when applied. Behenic acid is also commonly found in skincare products that are used to provide soothing relief for dry and sensitive skin.

These fatty acids in Moringa Oil will strongly aid those who are struggling with dry skin and eczema. It’s even known to help in treating psoriasis.


Anti-Acne Treatment 

Acne – one of the most detrimental skin conditions practically everyone (especially teenagers) have faced. Not only does this physically affect your face, but it also has negative mental effects such as low self-esteem and poor self-image.

Psychologically speaking, a good first impression is something we have to give off. With that being said, Moringa can certainly help!

Research published in the International Journal of Polymer Science reveals that Moringa oil contains high content of antimicrobial agents, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Both of these properties are equally crucial in acne prevention. Not only that, Moringa oil can even help minimize blackspots, pimples, and blackheads! To use, mix 2-3 drops of Moringa oil with an equal amount of Sweet Almond Oil, and gently apply it to the affected areas.


Anti-Ageing Properties

Let’s be real here, most people fears growing old. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as “The Fountain of Youth,” but if there’s one thing that comes close to it, it’s going to be Moringa Oil!

Moringa Oil has high contents of vitamin E. In fact, a journal published in the National Library of Medicine in the year 2009 found that the seeds where Moringa Oil is pressed from, are able to reduce oxidative damage associated with ageing and cancer. The antioxidants also help to neutralize the activity of free radicals. This will in turn slow down the ageing process, helping to remove wrinkles and preventing sagging around the face.


Now, why not save your skin, and order your very own Moringa Oil today!


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