5 Essential Benefits of Clove Essential Oil

Hailing from the Emerald Of The Equator, hidden on the Maluku Islands, bears one of Indonesia’s sacred spices – Clove! Its availability throughout the year makes it an ideal spice worldwide.

Though it originates from Indonesia, it is cultivated throughout several tropical to subtropical countries; it’s even used historically from Asia, the Middle East all the way to Europe!

Clove Essential Oil


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Don’t have clove essential oil added into your closet?

Well, we’re about to give you 5 reasons why you should!

1) Skin Moisturizer 

If you’re someone who’s struggling with dry skin, clove essential oil is a great natural remedy to add to your skincare routine as it makes a good skin moisturizer. In fact, according to a study published in Food & Function Journal, the use of clove essential oil extract helps in reducing the effect of UVB-induced photodamage and helps in repairing the skin barrier functions in mice.

2) Acne Aid

Acne is one of the most common issues teenagers face that probably affects their self-esteem and the way they feel about themselves. And while you might hear of the use of tea tree oil for it, the use of clove in acne care should not be overlooked.

A study conducted by a university in Thailand found that it’s effective against strains of propionibacterium, which is an acne-causing bacteria.

For topical use, combine it with a carrier oil (Moringa, Neem, Rosehip etc.) and a few drops of clove essential oil at a dilution rate of not more than 0.5%. Then proceed to gently apply it to the infected area.

3) Ulcer Prevention 

Clove essential oil can also help in ulcer prevention. A study conducted by a university in Brazil in the year 2010 showed that eugenol, the main compound of clove oil is able to stimulate the synthesis of mucus which is known to be an important gastro-protective factor.

4) Help with Dental Pain

I think we can all agree that toothaches can be extremely irritatingly painful. Well, good news! Traditionally, clove essential oil is used to relieve pain in the gums and toothache. This is thanks again to eugenol, which acts as a natural anaesthetic when applied topically. Not only that but clove essential oil can also be used to provide relief for mouth ulcers. A study published in Contemporary Clinical Dentistry indicates that a herbal dental gel made primarily of clove oil successfully manages pain when applied to the irritated part of the mouth.

To use clove essential oil for toothache, just dilute one drop of clove oil with two drops of food-grade carrier oil and apply with a cotton bud.

5) All Natural Antiviral Activity 

With the whole global pandemic going on, people are taking drastic measures to protect themselves against Covid-19.

Essential oils have long been at the centre of debates on whether it does have an effect against viruses. Although it needs more research, it has exhibited some antiviral chemical properties that help back this claim.

Eugenol in clove essential oil is proven to inhibit influenza viral activities. For home users, you can use the clove essential oil to sanitize room and kill influenza viruses on surfaces. To use, just diffuse the oil in a closed empty room for 30 minutes, and then air out the room. You can also add clove essential oil to the cleaning solution for non-porous surfaces.


As you can tell, Clove is an underlooked among all the other essential oils with plenty of other benefits. Why not try one out for yourself?

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