Featured Ingredient: Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a naturally occurring odorless mineral from the earth itself. This inorganic compound gives a very bright and vivid white look. In fact, it can be found is almost everything you see/use. The white paint on the wall, the white paper where you write or books are printed on, toothpaste, sunscreen and even in food. Basically, it is almost everywhere!


[Picture sourced from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titanium_dioxide]

Titanium dioxide is generally considered to be a relatively inert, safe material. However, there has been alot of misconception about titanium dioxide in the recent years, especially when the article on the banning of titanium dioxide in sunscreen and cosmetics products came out. Lots of scaremongering started, stating that it is carcinogen, can be absorbed through the skin into our blood stream and causes cancer. But what many are not aware is that titanium dioxide is found in two main forms: anatase and rutile. And it is anatase titanium dioxide that had been banned, and not rutile. The difference between anatase and rutile is in the particle size. Rutile particle size is bigger, while anatase particle size is so ultrafine (in nanoparticles) that it can enter into the human system.

Fine or coarse particle sized titanium dioxide as well as other mineral pigments are found to be safe according to the studies available. While titanium dioxide and other mineral pigments can be found in some of our handmade soap bar, be rest assured that we are using only coarse or fine particles of mineral pigments from trusted supply and that handmade soaps are wash-off products, thus it will not stay on and enter your system through your skin. While it is in our best interest to become informed consumers and to be able to make pure, natural and simple choices to protect our health and longevity, it is also important to know the facts correctly before making judgement.

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