Fairy Tale Soap: Beauty & the Beast

Continuation of our fairy tale soap adventure, here’s our rendition of Beauty and the Beast. This soap was made when we were testing a new batch of oils. Behold! Made from 100% organic ingredients. This soap consists of organic Why Not? Extra Virgin Olive Oil all the way from historic France, organic coconut oil from beautiful island of Philippines and Big Tree Farm organic cocoa butter from exotic Indonesia. These ingredients behaved so greatly that we will introduce it as part of our soaping material for sale very soon. Of course it is EVEN better when used for own consumption and cooking as all of these are food grade and certified organic. (Keep a look out in our newsletter)


One of the important element in the Disney tale of Beauty and the Beast is the enchanted rose hidden in the west wing of Beast’s castle. The slow-moving oils and butter used to make this soap literally saved our intended design to have a rose in the soap, because after we poured the soap into the mold, then only we realized that we are missing one important tool to make the rose appear, our “hanger”! It took us more than 15 minutes hunting around looking for the correct tools, and we ended up with a makeshift hanger using a thin wire and some straws. After taping everything in place, we made a quick secret swirl for the leaves and stem. After that we poured the remaining of red and pink soap for the petals. The top is colored with orange and yellow to represent the beautiful dress that Beauty wore when she dances with the Beast. Since there’s a rose in the soap, we scented it with rose geranium essential oil. We are so happy with the results. What do you think? 🙂

Note: Fairy Tale Soap: Beauty & the Beast is a limited edition soap and is now ready for sale @RM25/pc. To purchase, please contact us by email, Facebook or call/whatsapp us at +6017 488 3908


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