The Hot Weather and My Soap!

The weather in Penang here had been extremely hot for the past few weeks. It’s so hot that few batches of my usual soaps misbehave. First were lots of soda ashes that’s so stubbornly did not want to disappear even with lots of steaming and washing. The ash even turns up between cuts as the soap was curing! That whole batch ended up being my “family & personal use” soap instead.

The hot weather also overheats another batch of my soap causing cracks along the soap as it was gelling. My fan was turned on full blast at that time. The thing is that this is just a very simple bastile soap recipe, with no sugar or milk or whatsoever. Luckily I catch the crack on time and save the top with lots of spritzing using the isopropyl alcohol (IPA). The IPA helps to moist and cools the soap, thus reducing existing cracks and preventing further cracks from happening. Think I’ll stick with hot process and liquid soap first for now (if I can control myself!).


Crack lines while soap is gelling

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