Have you ever wondered why the slang term for coffee is cup of joe? Well, there’s some interesting theories behind it and the post written in knowyourphrase.com explains this. Of course the most popular theory is about a Secretary of the Navy named Josephus Daniels who banned all U.S. Navy ships from serving alcoholic beverages. The sailors had to resort to the next strongest drink which was coffee, and then nicknamed the drink after Josephus. (Joe being short for Josephus).

We used to drink lots of coffee when we were growing up. My mom loves coffee and she would brew a whole pot every morning, and sometimes in the afternoon again and we would just drink it as if it was water! Then as years passed, she somehow starting having headache when drinking coffee and stopped making it then. By then I was almost in college years and had not drink coffee until I started working. That’s when I realized that there’s weird side effect on me whenever I consume anything with coffee in it. It will make me extremely sleepy! Yup, sleepy…. If I can’t sleep, just hand me a cup of joe!


Since I can’t really drink coffee much due to its side effect (need to stay awake to do things!), I’ve decided to make good use of coffee for my skin! I’m still eating alot even though I’ve stopped breastfeeding, and those extra calories is throwing party on my body especially on my upper thighs. Exercising is not really my thing due to hectic lifestyle, dieting is out because I LOVE foods. Then I started to include coffee into our handmade soaps and scrubs and using it in my bath. The caffeine in the coffee is a known diuretic and can banish cellulite when applied topically. Not only that, coffee grounds is also great as an exfoliator to brighten up skin by removing dead skin cells and leave you with smoother skin. I’m loving the scrub as the effect on the smoothness of the skin is tremendous. While combating cellulite is not instant, but after couple of months with coffee soap and scrubs, I noticed that it is reducing, and even gone on some part of my body. Not only that, when viewing back the pictures of myself, it seems that I am getting fairer as well! *wink*

So yeah, I still need cup of joe!

Note: we’ll be launching our scrubs into the product page soon! We’ll announce in our newsletters once it’s up and available.

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