Cases of successful breastfeeding in Malaysia are rising due to the many efforts to promote and normalize breastfeeding by various breastfeeding support groups as well as the Health Ministry. Some mothers are also blessed with abundance of milk that they do not know what to do with it. Most mothers will probably used it for milk bath, cooking, and even donating it out. Donating it out is always a better option when there are abundance of milk as it can be used to save lives. Places that you can donate to includes groups like Human Milk for Human Babies, hospitals and orphanage that accepts babies. However, if the milk is no longer consumable, there’s another option that’s gaining more and more popularity which is to make it into soap!

The wonderful fat in mother’s milk adds extra moisturizing properties to the soap, which makes it gentle enough for babies skin or to use as a facial soap. There were times where mother’s milk being made and sold to the public but then it was stopped after the announcement from Malaysia Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) that the use of mother’s milk in soaps and cosmetic products is prohibited in Islam. However, this does not stop the trend of custom-making mother’s milk for into soaps for personal usage or keepsake.


The topics of custom-making mother’s milk soap and breastfeeding are very close to my heart as these two indirectly started the journey of Soap Cart. One particular NGO that had help tremendously in my breastfeeding journey is Mother-to-Mother Peer Supporter (MMPS). It’s core members consists of volunteer mothers that gives support and advises in breastfeeding, and sometimes do home visiting to help mothers to successfully breastfeed their babies. As part of Soap Cart CSR program and in return of MMPS favor, Soap Cart are proud to announce that we will be donating 3% of our sales revenue made from custom-making of mother’s milk soap to MMPS group starting from September 2015. With these contributions to MMPS funds, we hope that the group would be able to reach out to more mothers and public to promote and normalize breastfeeding in the community, and ensuring more successful journey of breastfeeding for many years to come.

For inquiries about custom-making mother’s milk soap service or learning how to make mother’s milk soap yourself, please contact us for more details.

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